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A brief introduction to our LASER (Leadership & Assistance for Science Education Reform) suite of services and why they matter. Mouse over the image to enlarge or embed.

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What are people saying about our services?

“The most valuable part of the day was the team planning time -- the mentors are invaluable.”

The Change Game was an eye-opener for me.  The people here have an obvious passion for inquiry-based science, but it is going to take a while to instill that passion in others and inspire change. The game helped me understand the benefits of persistence, analyzing reactions/results, and made me glad to be a part of such a cohesive team.”

“Our team bonded well and accomplished a lot. The presentations and activities spurred good discussions.”


“[The Institute has taught me that] it is extremely important that our students love science- we need them to be globally competitive. I must, as a co-administrator, provide opportunities to expand content knowledge among elementary teachers.


“This institute […] has been tremendous in helping us to get a plan developed and wonderful ideas in place. Thanks to all. You guys are great! Well worth those long hours!”


“It's fabulous to have the studies to back our proposals! We are inspired, motivated, and ready to go, so having access to this information will most definitely help us move forward and present our ideas to stakeholders.”


“The most useful part of the experience was the ability to collaborate with others from my district regarding implementation for science inquiry.”