Smithsonian Science for Computational Thinking

Smithsonian Science for Computational Thinking logo with blue circle with a yellow sun inside it and text that says Smithsonian Science for Computational ThinkingSmithsonian Science for Computational Thinking (SSfCT) is a set of freely available instructional units developed by the Smithsonian Science Education Center, which integrate science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) and computational thinking (CT). Using an phenomenon- and problem-driven pedagogy, elementary school students work to define and solve real-world problems and/or explain phenomena in a high-touch to high-tech environment. Smithsonian Science for Computational Thinking promotes transdisciplinary learning and convergence education and is aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards, the Computer Science Teachers Association K–12 Computer Science Standards, the ISTE Standards, the Common Core Mathematics Standards, and includes a literacy component.  By taking a high-touch to high-tech approach to teaching computational thinking in a science classroom, all students can improve their digital literacy—with and without access to computers and other high-tech devices.