Good Thinking! Credits

Introducing: Good Thinking! – A new original animated series by the Smithsonian Science Education Center and FableVision StudiosGood Thinking! brings viewers into the classroom of dedicated science educator Isabella Reyes, as she refines and enhances her teaching of some of the most complicated topics in science. With the help of some unconventional classroom guides, Ms. Reyes explores the inner workings of student minds, learning how to uncover and address common student misconceptions as she guides them in building scientific understandings.

For the Smithsonian Science Education Center

Project Leads

  • Marjee Chmiel, Ph.D. — Associate Director of Curriculum and Communications
  • Jean Flanagan — Science Education Research Specialist
  • Nate Fedrizzi — Series Coordinator

Project Contributors 

  • Ashley Deese — Digital Media Specialist
  • Taryn White — Curriculum Product Specialist

Content Writers

  • Marjee Chmiel, Ph.D.
  • Kimbra Cutlip
  • Nate Fedrizzi
  • Jean Flanagan
  • Stacy Kish
  • Sam Lemonick
  • Brian Mandell, Ph.D.
  • Jenny Schmidt
  • Heather Soulen

Expert Reviewers
Each script was reviewed by one or more subject matter experts in the relevant field of science and/or education. 

  • Holly Brevig, Ph.D. — CNA Corporation
  • Ron Gray, Ph.D. — Northern Arizona University 
  • Cari Herrmann Abell, Ph.D. — AAAS Project 2061
  • Patricia Nadeau, Ph.D. — American Museum of Natural History
  • Jeff Nordine, Ph.D. — Trinity University
  • Joyce Parker, Ph.D. — Michigan State University
  • Erin Peters, Ph.D. — George Mason University
  • Julia Plummer, Ph.D. — Pennsylvania State University
  • Briana Pobiner, Ph.D. — Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History
  • Cedar Reiner, Ph.D. — Randolph Macon College
  • Jill Wertheim, Ph.D. – Stanford University
  • Ernest Williams, Ph.D. — Hamilton College, Emeritus

The contents of this video were developed (in part) under a validation grant from the U.S. Department of Education through the Investing in Innovation (i3) Program. The opinions, findings, conclusions, or recommendations contained in this production do not necessarily reflect the view of the funders.
For FableVision
Executive Producers
Gary Goldberger
Karen Bresnahan
Danielle Gillis
Creative Director/Head Writer
Leigh Hallisey
Storyboard Director
David SanAngelo
Art and Animation Director
Bob Flynn
Justin Shanes
Jill Cozza-Turner
Scott Ganz
Original Concept Art 
Chris Staples
Gavrilo Gnatovich
Bernie Cavender
Renee Kurilla
Jenny Blicharz
Bernie Cavender
Paloma Diaz-Dickson
Lauren Bergholm
Alex Berry
Dee Boyd
Dan Flynn
Lead Animator
Didi Hatcher
Hanna Bliss
Alex Small-Butera
Lindsay Small-Butera
Caroline Ramsey
Dan Flynn
Neil Tenczar
Sonnye Lim
Hannah O’Neal
Lisa Marie Ivery… Ms. Isabella Reyes
Ron Hart…  The Narrator and Gummerson
Melissa D’Anna… Justine and Shawna
Vinnie Penna… Dimitri and Amar
Annie Silver… Blossom the Orchid
J. LaLonde… Albert the Yo-Yo
John DeSilvestri… Bunsen the Bunsen Burner
Nicola Barber… Terry the Globe
Production Assistant
Anny Din
Casting and Recording by BeatStreet Productions, NYC
Music and Sound Design by Eggplant LF
Editing and After Effects by Hero4Hire Creative