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Gen Z: The Conscious Generation

On December 1st, SSEC Director Carol O’Donnell was an invited panelist for the Bloomberg Sustainable Business Briefing “Gen Z: The Conscious Generation.” Led by a Bloomberg journalist discussing how to educate, inform, and support the workforce of the future, the panel examined how companies and Gen Z can connect to build a more sustainable working world of the future.


International Seminar on Educating Critical Thinking

O’Donnell was invited to participate as an advisor in the 11th International Seminar on Educating Critical Thinking, hosted by Fondation La main a la pate (LMALP). LMALP has been working on the theme of critical thinking in science education for the past 5 years and has accumulated an expertise that is recognized at the national and global level. SSEC will contribute to this expertise.



Image courtesy Shawn Sullivan, SI OFI 2015

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