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Smithsonian Science for Global Goals

On January 29th The Smithsonian Science Education Center and the Smithsonian Conservation Commons co-organized a day-long meeting to convene representatives from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM); Smithsonian Institution; and experts from various federal agencies and external partners to discuss a list of tentative topics for the new "Smithsonian Science for Global Goals" (SSfGG) project—a Smithsonian Science Education Center project in collaboration with the Interacademy Partnership Science Education Programme (IAP-SEP). This 27 person meeting took place at the NASEM Keck Center, with a larger evening reception at the Keck Center Atrium. 

The evening reception was an awareness building poster session and dinner to launch the new SSfGG project. The Smithsonian Science Education Center currently has one module available, Mosquito! How can we ensure health for from Mosquito-borne diseases?, and are currently developing the second module (which is fully funded by Johnson & Johnson) called Food! How do we ensure healthy diets for all?. 15 additional modules are planned for development. 60 people attended representing subject matter experts from the Smithsonian, NASEM, external subject matter experts and prospective donors.


Always Think Like A Scientist

The Smithsonian Science Education Center launched its second season of its afterschool program in Santa Fe, New Mexico. This program, called "Always Think Like a Scientist (ATLAS)", engages high school students -under the mentorship of scientists and science educators- to lead middle school students in experiential learning that encourages students to engage in "emergent scientific thinking." This season will focus on SSEC’s module, Water: How do we balance fair water use for all?.

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