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The Smithsonian Science Education Center Helps to Lead Master STEM Teaching Training in Yakima, Washington

The Smithsonian Science Education Center was invited to lead part of the "Master Trainer Professional Learning" at the Educational Service District (ESD) 105 in Yakima, Washington. Science Master Trainers are classroom teachers, leaders, and advocates for science education, and "agents of change" for the region. They work with ESD 105 Staff to prepare K-5 teachers for the first use of their instructional materials.  ESD 105 is one of the LASER alliances of Washington State LASER [https://www.wastatelaser.org]

ETHOS Science Center’s Inquiry Institute

On June 27th Carol O’Donnell traveled to Indiana to serve as the keynote speaker for the ETHOS Science Center’s Inquiry Institute to discuss the changing role of inquiry-centered learning, which involves students exploring the natural or material world in a way that leads to asking questions, making observations, planning investigations to develop explanations, rigorously testing those explanations, reasoning from evidence, and communicating results to come to a deeper understanding of scientific phenomena and engineering practices. Participants included teachers, school and district administrators, and community partners serving K-12 students in northern Indiana. ETHOS (Encouraging Technology and Hands-on Science) distributes the Smithsonian Science Education Center’s science curriculum, Science and Technology Concepts, to community schools in Indiana and provides professional development to teachers. To learn more go to: http://www.ethosinc.org/

National Academies Board Meeting

O’Donnell participated in the National Academies semi-annual Board Meeting on Wednesday, June 22nd where she sat on a panel to provide the board members with an update on the FC-STEM 5 year education plan. Board members heard detailed updates on the five major goals, with each panelist providing an overview of the goal, progress to date as well as future activities. This was followed by discussion between the panelists and board members. 



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