How Do Living Things Stay Safe And Grow?

How Do Living Things Stay Safe And Grow?

How Do Living Things Stay Safe and Grow? is part of Smithsonian Science for the Classroom, a new curriculum series by the Smithsonian Science Education Center. It is aligned to a group of grade 1 standards. It has a focus on life science with a secondary focus on engineering. In this module, students:

  • Use observations of adult plants and animals as evidence that offspring are very similar to, but not exactly like, their parents
  • Obtain information from text, images, video, and a simulation to determine how patterns of behavior help offspring survive
  • Explore how external parts of plants and animals help them survive, grow, and meet their needs 
  • Mimic external parts of plants and animals in designing a tool to solve a human problem
  • Apply their knowledge of behaviors and external parts to “survive” in a hypothetical game

Below are digital resources that support teaching of this module. 

Lesson 1: What Am I?

Ada Asks Introduction (1:21)
Ada introduces students to the module.
Download Ada Asks Introduction video

What Am I? Answers
This file shows the correct sorting of the cards.
Download the What Am I? Answers PDF

Lesson 3: Cubs and Chicks

Young Dama Gazelle (0:26)
This video shows a young gazelle at the Smithsonian National Zoo.

Parent and Offspring
This photo shows a parent penguin with two chicks.
Download the Parent and Offspring PDF

Bald Eagle
These photos show bald eagles at different life cycle stages.
Download the Bald Eagle PDF

Lesson 4: One of These Things Is Not Like the Other

Discussion Rules
This file has simplified rules for engaging in argument from evidence.
Download the Discussion Rules PDF

This photo shows adult and young cows.
Download the Cows PDF

Lesson 5: Staying Alive

Penguin Feeding
This video shows a penguin parent feeding a chick.
Download the Penguin Feeding Video

Lesson 6: Penguin Protection

Rockhopper Penguins
This photo shows adult and young rockhopper penguins.
Download the Rockhopper Penguins PDF

Penguin Protection
The Penguin Protection simulation is available as a website for computers. Download the application for use on tablets or mobile devices.

The Penguin Protection simulation gives students the opportunity to choose which behaviors will best help a penguin chick.
Play the Penguin Protection Simulation

Penguin Parent
This photo shows a penguin parent bending down to feed its chick.
Download Penguin Parent PDF

Lesson 7: Use What You’ve Got

These photos show different animals and their claws.
Download the Claws PDF

Lesson 8: Mimic and Make

Ada Asks Engineering (1:06)
Ada introduces students to the engineering task.
Download the Ada Asks Engineering Video

Lesson 9: Survive, Behave, and Save! Part 1

Survival Game Rules
This file contains simple rules to guide students in playing the Survival Game.
Download the Survival Game Rules PDF

Lesson 10: Survive, Behave, and Save! Part 2

Comic Interview
This file contains several questions to guide students in conducting an interview.
Download the Comic Interview PDF

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